Our partners are the core of our church.

Partners are people that own the vision and mission of Bayside Christian Church. Partners affirm that Bayside Christian Church is MY church rather than ‘the church I go to’.



Vision supporters

• They support the vision by regularly attending Sunday services and by being actively involved in a small group or on a ministry team
• A partner understands the vision of Bayside Christian Church and sows into it by giving their tithes and offerings regularly and generously, investing in its growth
• They support the vision by praying for the leadership and partner together to see the goals of our church achieved

• Promote the vision and mission, both inside and outside the church 


Spirit-filled servers

• A partner at Bayside Christian Church has the heart of a servant that goes beyond the physical tasks at hand. They develop their gifts and talents being empowered by the Holy Spirit through everything they do
• They learn to serve with a gracious attitude; they lead with courage under pressure and radiate God’s love through everything they do. [See story of Stephen in Acts 6:3-7]

Builders of love and unity

• They protect the unity of the church by honoring leaders and those they lead
• They love and honor one another as Jesus taught; always seeking to build up the body rather than tear down
• They invite and warmly welcome new people into the life of Bayside Christian Church


• To have experienced personal salvation through Jesus Christ
• To be water baptised
• To have received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit or to be actively seeking a Spirit-filled life
• To have evidence of a Godly lifestyle and agree to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct
• To have completed the Next Steps Course on the DNA of Bayside Christian Church
• To be at least 17 years of age
• To attend the Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings when called
• Inform the Senior Pastor if unable to attend AGM or EGM


• To lift up Christ together and make a lasting different that will impact our community for generations to come
• To play a leading role in the life of our church and ministry
• To help shape and develop our church for the future
• To belong to a church that values and invests in you

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