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Impact. Influence. Increase.


What is Belong?

Belong is a leadership pathway to assist in growing our church from volunteers to leaders of Bayside Christian Church. 

What does it do?

Belong provides a pathway along which both personal and spiritual growth are the intended by-products of increasing individual responsibilities and capabilities in leadership opportunities within our church. Support, peer mentoring and training are provided by your leaders and it is relational in nature and intentional in its purpose to provide leadership pathways for growth.

How does it work?

Belong is a program with easy to understand goals and objectives that will help you to step up into the next level of leadership. Mentoring and training are provided along the way with your leaders and a number of resources are available to assist in this process. Belong creates a safe platform from where you can either increase your heartfelt effectiveness for where you are currently serving or where you can increase your level of accountability to bring about increasing growth and change at a higher level of leadership within Bayside.


Who does it involve?

Belong is inclusive of everyone in the church who serves in a voluntary role and those who are wanting to step up and step out in leadership. It is for anyone in the church wanting to be a part of the Bayside team and who are willing to serve as a volunteer and grow the church with passion to Impact, Influence and Increase.

Where can I get more details?

Senior leaders in the church will currently be the go-to for any further information. Belong will be rolled out into the church starting throughout 2020, with more details such as informational brochures, meetings and the Bayside Christian Church website updates. Any queries can also go to [email protected]

Who do I talk to about it?

In the stages of Belong Pathways a senior leader or department leader will be best to communicate any queries that may arise. Until the official launch, there will be limited information on the website so leaders will be the key contact at this point and time.

When does it start?

Pre-launch happened throughout 2019, with the official launch scheduled some time in 2020. If there are any further queries a senior leader or department leader will be available to assist you further.